International Blog Which robotic lawnmower is suitable for 5,000 m²?

Which robotic lawnmower is suitable for 5,000 m²?

A lawn area of 5,000 m² and more goes hand in hand with a considerable amount of work for lawn care: at least if you don't own a robotic lawnmower that makes the job noticeably easier. With the choice of a suitable device and robot-friendly garden design, the garden helper takes over almost all tasks from mowing to edge trimming.

The larger the garden, the greater the time required to keep it permanently in good shape. This is especially true for lawn care, which takes a lot of time even when using a riding mower. After all, not only is regular fertilizing necessary, but the edges also require trimming. The purchase of a robotic mower helps reduce the time required to a minimum. The only important thing here is to purchase a device that really suits your garden.

Why area performance is important

A robotic lawnmower moves along at a certain speed as long as the battery has sufficient capacity. When battery power is running low, the charging station starts up and stores energy for the next trip. These processes cost time and mean that the robot cannot mow an infinitely large area. 
After all, it is important that the robotic lawnmower passes over every patch of lawn once every two days (on average). This is the only way to ensure that grass clippings are short enough to quickly decompose as mulch and serve as a fertilizer for the soil.

Follow manufacturer's instructions

Manufacturers specify a maximum area output for which the robotic lawnmower is designed. Nevertheless, this refers to an ideal area without slopes, a simple layout and the maximum utilization of the possible mowing time, which is not infrequently 120 hours and more a week.

Reality, of course, is rather different: There are flower beds and other obstacles that force the robot to make turns again and again, slopes that wear down the battery faster than on a flat surface, and perhaps a robust lawn type that also costs additional power. 
In addition, running times will be limited if you give the robot a break on Sundays or limit the mowing times to the morning so that you can enjoy the garden in peace after work.

All these factors significantly diminish a specified area output, so it is always advisable to choose a model that has a buffer of around 30% of the area.

Important features of a robotic mower for 5,000 m²

With a robotic mower for 5,000 m², efficiency is what matters most. After all, the device should mow your lawn in the shortest time possible.

  • In comparison to a model with a small cutting width, a model with large cutting width ensures that the robotic lawnmower mows a larger area with each pass. For this purpose, there are models that have two or more blades next to each other.
  • Strong battery power increases the duration that the robot can spend on the lawn. Simultaneously, time spent at the station should be as short as possible. Modern Li-Ion batteries meet these requirements and are characterized by their light weight and compact design.
  • Lawns with 5,000 m² are rarely level. If there are slopes in the garden, make sure the robot is designed for them when purchasing. Some models are only designed for slopes of up to 20%, while others can handle 45% or more.
  • Moreover, a terrain is usually characterized by bumps, dips or other irregularities. These can certainly contribute to an unclean cutting pattern. A robotic mower with a pendulum-suspended cutting deck follows the contour of the ground so that the lawn is cut perfectly even at every point.
  • To reduce retouching to a minimum and avoid having to spend several hours working on the edges with the lawn trimmer, it is advisable to purchase a robotic mower with an edge-cutting function. Here, the blades protrude beyond the wheelbase so that, depending on the design of the lawn edges, it is possible to cut right up to the border - making tedious retouching a thing of the past.

Other helpful features of robotic mowers on large areas

The technical performance of the robotic mower, which must be given so that it can cope with an area at all, is one thing. With that being said, convenient operation and safety are also important features that a robotic mower should bring. To achieve this, some robot models are equipped with the following.

  • 360° sensors
  • theft protection
  • control via app or touch screen
  • GSM module
  • GPS function
  • mulch remover for reduced cleaning effort
  • multi-zone mowing through remote starting points
  • wheels suitable for rough or wet terrain

Alternative: Use several robotic mowers in parallel

If you cannot find an appropriate model that can cut your 5000 m² lawn within a desired mowing time, it is also possible to have two, smaller robots in operation. However, there are some special features to consider when laying the perimeter wire so that their signals do not get crossed, allowing each device to work properly in its zone. In order to ensure error-free installation, it is recommended that a specialist be commissioned for the initial start-up.