We are best in tests

Robomow has come out on top, time and time again in tests all over Europe, which means that you can feel confident you are getting one of the best mower that money can buy.


The Belgian lifestyle magazine ManOeuvre tested the RK1000 and their conclusion is very positive: Low maintenance. Excellent cutting pattern thanks to floating mower deck. Simple and intuitive handling.

RK1000 | 5/5

RK1000 was tested by LES NUMERIQUES, the biggest consumer website dedicated to advanced technological consumer goods. It received the best rate - 5 stars: Easy to set up, the RK1000 is definitely a very good robot mower, capable of providing quality mowing in a very efficient manner. Its ability to go along walls is a real plus for grounds with low walls.


Here is a short video of the new Robomow robotic lawnmower, installation and the first hours of operation. I can honestly say I am very enthusiastic!


The RK1000 is a very practical, solid device that saves you a lot of time. Installation is easy even for beginners. It has a nice design, the screen is easy to read even in full sunlight and it is very easy to clean.


To cut a long story short - the RK1000 mows really, really well, especially on the edges.

very good (1,1)

This makes lawn care fun: With the Robomow RT700, the otherwise tedious lawn mowing is done all by itself. After the perimeter wire is laid, the smart robotic lawnmower takes care of a perfectly mown lawn completely independently.


Robomow RK2000, a robotic lawnmower that knows how to mow edges.


It not only ensures a well-groomed lawn, but also saves you a lot of time and effort. With a max. area of up to 700 m², it is absolutely sufficient for most gardens.


Once installed, you hardly have to worry about the robot. www.selbst.de


All in all, this is a good quality and robust robotic lawnmower that does a good job every time you install it. Take your time and enjoy it for a long time!


The Robomow RK1000 cuts beautifully, is easy to operate and good at finding its way around the house.


The Robomow RK2000 PRO did a great job mowing the lawn in our garden and thanks to its work we could forget about the chores. It's really a great feeling to enjoy a perfect lawn.