What is important in a robotic lawnmower?

Of course, there are some features that are advantageous for any robotic lawnmower. But the question of what a robotic lawnmower should have depends, of course, on the nature of your own garden. So what really matters with a robotic mower, if it's merely a convenient feature?

The purchase of a robotic mower is a dream come true for many garden owners. The device tirelessly makes its rounds and mows the lawn all by itself while you take care of the enjoyable things in your gardening - or simply put your feet up. To make this wish come true, the robotic lawnmower should have a number of features. Some of these depend on the nature of your garden, others apply equally to all lawns.

The battery technology used

Most robotic mowers are now equipped with a Li-ion battery. These are not only comparatively impervious and easy to store, but are also impressive with their long service life as well as their low weight. The batteries are available in a wide range of performance levels - the higher the area output, the more power the installed battery must have.

Low noise levels

Robotic mowers should take care of the lawn as quietly as possible or at least at a low noise level so that, in the best case scenario, you can stand in the garden and not feel disturbed. Even with neighbors, there is always the risk of a disagreement when the robotic lawnmower is running on the weekend and exceeds a comfortable noise level. Particularly pleasing to the ears are robotic lawnmowers with a level of 60 dB and less. The noise is still quite tolerable up to 70 dB. Anything above that can quickly become bothersome to the ears.

Replaceable parts

There are robotic mowers where you can easily change some parts yourself with just a few simple steps and without any technical understanding. This proves particularly practical when replacing the blades, which should be done every few weeks and no less than once a season, depending on the model. At the same time, the simple replacement of parts saves time and money if you don't have to take the robot to a specialized dealer every time.

Edge cutting function

Anyone who buys a robotic mower usually wants to give up the largest possible part of lawn care and focus their attention on more important things. For this to succeed, it is a good idea to buy a robotic lawnmower with an edge-cutting function. The blade is located under the device in such a way that the robot can cut as far as possible to the edges as it passes, leaving no or hardly any uncut blades of grass, provided there are no solid obstacles in the way.  Without this edge technology, you would have to invest more time in lawn care and touch up the edges with a trimmer.

Self-cleaning mowing deck

Like the edge-cutting feature, a self-cleaning mowing deck reduces the amount of lawn maintenance. Although some robotic mowers require weekly cleaning to remove mulch debris in order to maintain full performance, mulch removers take care of cleaning while the lawn is still being mowed, all automatically. For you, this means very little cleaning.

State-of-the-art sensor technology

Every robotic mower is equipped with a whole range of different sensors that allow it to navigate between spaces and ensure maximum safety. For this purpose, modern devices work with special camera technology and / or 360° sensors. They not only contribute to further safety measures when obstacles are detected at an early stage but also increase efficiency if complex turning maneuvers are elegantly prevented. 

Flexible cutting heights

Depending on weather conditions or seasons, the optimal cutting height of the lawn is not constant. While mowing less frequently is recommended during dry periods to protect plants and soil, a very low cut is helpful before winter or  thatching. In order for a robotic lawnmower to meet all the requirements, a model with a wide width of different cutting heights is a safe bet.

Area performance and cutting width

Finally, the main criterion for the purchase of a robotic lawnmower is probably the area output. This defines whether the robot is capable of handling your lawn area. While the manufacturers usually specify the maximum performance under perfect conditions, complex layouts, slopes and limited mowing times reduce the performance. For that reason,  you should consider the next larger model.

A larger cutting width increases the efficiency and maximum area that the robot mows within a certain duration. At the same time, a large width comes at the expense of maneuverability. Thus, in spacious areas with a simple layout, models with a larger cutting width have an advantage, while in small, winding gardens, robots with a smaller cutting width will function much better.

Features for special garden layouts

In addition to the above-mentioned features, which in principle apply equally to all robots, there are other specifics that are helpful if your garden has a special layout or steep slopes that can prove challenging to your robotic mower. So, before purchasing a robotic mower, always survey your garden to make the best purchase decision.

Suitability on slopes

Most robotic lawnmowers are suitable for slopes of up to 30%. If your garden has a larger slope, a robotic lawnmower that can handle steeper slopes will be necessary. Special wheels with above-average traction are particularly helpful here, in order to prevent the robot from slipping wet grass. Going uphill is also much easier if the perfect grip is always provided.

Number of starting points and multi-zone mowing

In winding gardens with several main, secondary or even separate zones, it is helpful to define different starting points in order to mow all areas at regular intervals. Depending on the model, the number of starting points is usually between 2 and 5. In addition, depending on the model, there are further accessories that allow the zones to be extended.

Numerous general criteria are important for each robotic mower so that its performance ultimately meets your demands. Based on these, you can easily compare different models and choose one that best suits you.