Robomow tillbehör

Du kan köpa våra bästa kvalitetstillbehör i våra partners onlinebutiker eller lokalt genom att besöka återförsäljare i ditt område.


Base Station RS, models 2019 -

4 290,00 kr*

Of course, a base station is already included in delivery. But for larger separate zones, a second station is useful. This variant is suitable for all RS-Robomows from 2019 on.



125,00 kr*

When laying perimeter wire above ground, it is important that the cable is pulled tight so that the robot does not accidentally cut it. Lawn nails are required at regular intervals for fixing the perimeter wire.


Perimeter wire 100m

699,00 kr*

Depending on the size of the lawn, the perimeter wire may be extended with another cable. The connection is then simply made using special connectors.


Perimeter wire 200m

1 099,00 kr*

If the boundary wire is not sufficient to define the zone for the mowing robot, this extension offers a solution. Simply assembled with a wire connector, the original distance is extended by 200 m.


Perimeter wire 650m

4 390,00 kr*

Bigger areas require longer perimeter wires. This wire extends the actual wire by another 650 m. The individual wires then only need to be plugged together with a wire connector.


RK Blade Kit

169,00 kr*

This knife ensures the precise and even cutting results of the RK-Robomow in the long run. As a wearing part, it is recommended to change it once or twice a year.


RK RoboHome

1 990,00 kr*

Made of UV-resistant material the RK-RoboHome reliably protects the RK from rain and dirt.


RoboZone Mobile

1 890,00 kr*

The RoboZone extension allows Robomow to operate in separate zones without connection to the main zone. This mobile module is additionally equipped with a battery. Suitable for RT and RS models.


RS Blade Kit

895,00 kr*

Blades are probably the most common wearing parts in lawn robots. However, regular replacement is necessary to achieve permanently perfect cutting results. These blades are compatible with the RS-Robomows.


RS PowerWheels

990,00 kr*

Extra all-terrain wheels for Robomow RS series


RS RoboGrips

769,00 kr*

For use of the RS in particularly difficult and slippery terrain and on slopes. Are simply attached to the drive wheels.


RS RoboHome

2 190,00 kr*

Protecting your Robomow RS models from rain and direct sunlight. Easily set up in minutes.