Perimeter wire 650m

Bigger areas require longer perimeter wires. This wire extends the actual wire by another 650 m. The individual wires then only need to be plugged together with a wire connector.

4 799,00 kr*
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The perimeter wire included in delivery doesn't always fit every requirement. Especially when there are many obstacles to be cut out in the lawn, many extra metres are quickly needed. With this product, a further 650 metres extension are possible. It can be easily attached to the actual wire with a wire connector. If the wire is to be laid above ground, a few extra lawn nails are required to ensure that the wire is firmly fixed to the ground and to ensure that the mowing robot cannot accidentally damage it. The only thing you need to bear in mind when buying a mowing robot is that, depending on the model, the mowing robot is limited to a maximum length of wire so that the signal can be transmitted without interference.


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179,00 kr*

When laying perimeter wire above ground, it is important that the cable is pulled tight so that the robot does not accidentally cut it. Lawn nails are required at regular intervals for fixing the perimeter wire.


Perimeter wire 100m

599,00 kr*

Depending on the size of the lawn, the perimeter wire may be extended with another cable. The connection is then simply made using special connectors.


Perimeter wire 200m

1 099,00 kr*

If the boundary wire is not sufficient to define the zone for the mowing robot, this extension offers a solution. Simply assembled with a wire connector, the original distance is extended by 200 m.