How long is a good manufacturer's warranty for robotic mowers?

The statutory warranty period for new goods in Germany is 24 months from the date of purchase. Of course, this also applies to robotic mowers. However, many manufacturers are now voluntarily extending this minimum period with an additional manufacturer's warranty and offer their customers additional months in which the robotic lawnmower can be submitted as a warranty claim under certain conditions.

A warranty of less than two years is not legally possible on new goods in Germany. The period of 24 months begins from the date of purchase and includes damages that already exist to the robot at the time of purchase. However, some manufacturers are now extending the statutory minimum period by several months that applies when a contract is concluded between the seller and the end customer. Thus the customer is provided with additional security. However, it is always worth taking a look at the warranty conditions.

Extended manufacturer's warranty

The statutory warranty is two years from the date of purchase of a new product and applies to the conclusion of the contract between the seller and the end customer, i.e. the manufacturer itself is not initially involved. Moreover, as a measure of customer loyalty, manufacturers are increasingly extending this period by offering an additional warranty.

A so-called manufacturer's warranty of three years or more is thus worthy and ensures that repair costs are covered by the manufacturer under certain circumstances, even beyond the first two years. In some cases, you will receive an additional bonus if you register your purchase on the manufacturer's website within a certain period. Robomow offers a 3-year- manufacturer's warranty "ex works" free of charge on most product series. The RK Series warranty can be extended to 4 years with online registration (please note that warranty conditions may differ from country to country. Please visit for exact conditions).

In addition to the manufacturer's warranty, there is often the option of taking out a so-called ‘warranty extension’ with the dealer itself. This works by taking out an insurance policy with the dealer and does not affect the legal rights you can assert against the manufacturer.

Manufacturer's warranty is not the same as the right of return

After purchasing goods online, there is a 14-day right of return (exceptions are often individually manufactured products according to customer requirements) in most cases. There is no indication of reason required. You indicate your cancellation of purchase simply by returning the goods. On the other hand, in stationary retail, the right of return does not always apply but is often based on goodwill.

The right of return is independent of defects or deficiencies and simply offers you the opportunity to revise your purchase after reconsideration.

Warranty and manufacturer's guarantee

Warranty and guarantee are often equated. However, there is a difference of contracting parties. In one case, it is the customer and the seller, with the purchase contract being the legal basis. You can declare warranty claims according to §§ 434ff. (the code of civil law) against the seller of the product.

A manufacturer's warranty, on the other hand, is an additional offer by the manufacturer. Likewise, you will need the original purchase document as proof of the deadline. However, you should address your concerns directly to the manufacturer or an authorized contractual partner, who by no means has to be identical with the seller.

Contents of a manufacturer's warranty

If defects exists within the first six months of the purchase of a device, replacement or repairs under warranty is possible without any problems. After these six months, however, the obligation to prove the cause of damage often becomes the buyer’s responsibility. 
A positive aspect of a manufacturer's warranty is that it goes beyond the warranty and also covers other components. In some cases, the six-month period is limited to spare parts and accessories, but the rest of the device is covered for the full period.

On the contrary, damage resulting from improper use is excluded. In addition, there are numerous other points for which you do not need to contact the manufacturer:

  • wear and tear on parts
  • updating the software
  • damage to the device, but not limiting its functionality
  • (grossly) negligent actions during use
  • improper repairs and interventions
  • damages resulting from maintenance intervals that have not been performed
  • damage that occurred in the course of commercial use

Batteries are usually excluded from the manufacturer's warranty or the warranty coverage is often shortened for example, for one year. The transport costs for a return shipment are also not necessarily part of the warranty conditions.

What you are entitled to in the event of a warranty claim

In the event of noticeable damage, a professional repair will be carried out, provided that this is technically and objectively feasible. If this is not the case, you will receive a replacement device of the same type and quality. Please note that this decision usually lies on the manufacturer. For the first two years after purchase, the seller is usually the right contact for this. If this period is exceeded and there are no claims for a warranty by the seller, the manufacturer's warranty can help.

However, a manufacturer's warranty usually excludes claims for damages or reimbursement of expenses or even the request for a reduction in the purchase price, although there are exceptions under the Product Liability Act.

A manufacturer's warranty that goes beyond the legal minimum warranty period of two years is definitely an asset for your robotic lawnmower. This way, you are still covered for specific damages even if the seller is no longer liable.