What are the advantages of a robotic mower?

The market for robotic mowers has been booming in recent years. These industrious garden helpers are becoming increasingly popular among gardener enthusiasts - and rightly so. Compared to other lawn mowers, robots have a whole range of advantages. Lawn care has now become child's play.

More and more households are acquiring a robotic lawnmower. This is by no means only due to the penchant for smart technology, which is now incorporated in numerous devices, but certainly also because of many advantages that a robotic lawnmower has over other types of lawnmowers. Lawn care virtually takes care of itself, the quality of the lawn increases continuously and the devices also require little maintenance. But that is certainly not everything.

Quieter than a lawn mower

Traditional lawn mowers are definitely among the devices that have the potential to annoy an entire neighborhood. With a noise level of between 80 and 90 dB, possible operating times are limited so as not to violate local noise protection ordinances.

The situation is much different with a robotic mower. The quietest models produce less than 60 dB and can hardly be heard from a few meters away. Theoretically, this also allows operation in the late evening hours and on weekends.

Easy operation

A robotic mower only needs to be installed once before it can be put into operation. Once the perimeter wire has been laid, all that is really needed is to set the desired cutting height and mowing times. With a touch screen on the device or via an app that connects to the robot via Bluetooth, this is done in a matter of minutes.

Setting the mowing times offers maximum flexibility. Your robotic lawnmower can do its thing in the morning, for example, while you are at work. Then after work, you can enjoy your perfectly manicured lawn in peace and quiet. 

Thanks to the practical networking via a GSM module, it is even possible to spontaneously change the mowing times if guests pop up or a sudden raincloud appears.

The one-time expense compared to other types of lawn mowers thus pays for itself only after a short time.

Even and accurate cut

Robotic mowers are known for their accurate cut. The blades of the devices cut the stalk tips cleanly, while most classic lawn mowers tend to knock them off with their blades. This makes the cut exceptionally clean, as the grass blades do not fray or form brown tips.
Another advantage is a robot model with a pendulum-suspended mowing deck. The special deck follows the contour of the ground even if it is bumpy or imperfect and always ensures a perfect cut. 

Particularly large all-terrain wheels ensure optimal grip and prevent the robot from getting bogged down on uneven meadows, for example, by simply driving over small holes.

Low maintenance

Compared to classic hand lawn mowers, which sometimes require changing filters and topping up oil, the maintenance required for robotic mowers is extremely low. Apart from regular cleaning, which is simply required for any type of lawn mower, the only maintenance work is the occasional changing of blades (in some models only annual).

Perfect lawn

A robotic mower contributes to a significant increase in the quality of a lawn over the long run. Due to regular cutting, a lawn can grow very lush and thick. At the same time, weeds have less chance to spread.

Mulching also makes a significant contribution to the quality of the lawn. The robotic lawnmower does not collect the clippings like most other lawnmowers but leaves the grass blades directly on the lawn. There they decompose within a short time and fertilize the soil in a natural way. This also means that there are no clippings that you will need to dispose of.
At the same time, the mulch helps to keep the soil moister in the summer. This means fewer watering intervals.

However, a prerequisite for mulch to really add value is regular cutting. Only very short stalks rot quickly enough. With a classic lawn mower, this would require mowing every 3-4 days, which is a significant time commitment.

Hardly any time spent on lawn care

Probably the biggest advantage of a robotic mower is the time it saves on lawn care. After the one-time installation and laying of the perimeter wire, the device does its work completely independently and also controls the charging station completely autonomously. Especially in larger gardens, there is much more free time if the lawn does not need to be mowed for a few hours every week.

Models with an edge trimming function and a suitable design of your lawn edges will help eliminate the need for subsequent trimming. This is also an advantage over classic lawn mowers where, due to their design, trimming the edges of the lawn is usually unavoidable and requires further valuable free time (not to mention another tool).

Finally, it also reduces the time you have to spend on fertilizing your lawn. Lawn mulch serves as a natural fertilizer for the soil, so fertilizing intervals can be significantly reduced. In most cases, in addition to mulching, it is sufficient to provide the lawn with additional nutrients once in the spring and at the end of the season in autumn. This also has a positive effect on your wallet.

A robotic mower has numerous advantages over classic lawn mowers. Not only does the lawn quality improve but you can also enjoy the pleasures of garden.