Robomow, robotic lawn mower.

The beginning of a beautiful friendship


When tech meets gardening, great things happen. Robomow enables you to operate, communicate and control your mow via smartphone, web-app and even voice activation!

Alexa, tell Robomow to mow my lawn


The next step in smart gardening

A camera-based technology mower, helping it to detect people, children and pets before getting too close to them.



A super 'friendly’ mower, the entire
Robomow experience is easy,
friendly and fun!


We’re constantly updating and upgrading
our mowers, features and functions so that
you are guaranteed a mowing experience…
that’s a cut above the rest.


Best In Test

Robomow has come out on top, time and time again in tests all over Europe, which means that you can feel confident you are getting one of the best mower that money can buy.

About Robomow

Hi. We are the creators of the world’s most innovative robotic lawn mowers! Our lawn robots are super friendly, easy to use and fun to operate.
Most importantly, they are designed to become an integral part of your home life, effortlessly removing the burden of mowing the lawn from you…