Which robotic lawnmower garage is the right one?

Robotic mower garages help protect robotic lawnmower from rain and sunlight when the garden helper is not making its rounds on the lawn. For optimal protection, the question arises as to which robotic lawnmower garage is actually the right one.

At least in the summer months, a robotic lawnmower is continuously exposed to wind and other elements. These variables can affect the device in the long term and may shorten the life of the battery. To help protect your robotic lawnmower, a shelter in the form of a robotic lawnmower garage is recommended. However, not every model is suitable for the robotic lawnmower. So which one is right?

Construction of a robotic lawnmower garage

Most robotic mower garages consist of a roof and two or three walls that shelter the robot. The opening of the garage usually faces the lawn, so that the device can easily drive in and exit. There are products with a gate that can be locked behind the robot.

Function of a robotic lawnmower garage

The robotic lawnmower garage acts as a protector for the device while at its charging station. When the robotic lawnmower is not making its rounds on the lawn, the device pauses at the charging station. The garage‘s roof shields the lawnmower from sun and rain. At the same time, of course, the robotic lawnmower garage also serves to cover the charging station itself.

What types of robotic lawnmower garages are there?

Robotic mower garages come in a wide variety of designs. Firstly, there are models offered by the manufacturers, which are optimally adapted to a certain type of robotic lawnmower. The design fits particularly snugly around the device and helps to protect it on 2-3 sides from the elements. If you are handy and like to use a little craftsmanship, you could, of course, build your own. And lastly, there are universal solutions from independent suppliers, which are often less expensive than the manufacturer's own robotic lawnmower garages but may not achieve an optimal fit.

Materials of robotic mowers

The majority of robotic mower garages for specific models are made of a weather-resistant plastic. In addition to the widely used black-colored garage, there are also discreet solutions with transparent roofs.

Moreover, wooden models can also be found time and again in various garden and building supply stores. The common saddle roof shape provides a nicer optic than the shelter made of black plastic. Furthermore, waterproofing wood is beneficial and offers the possibility to adapt the shelter to a desired color which matches your garden design.

A third variant is metal. There is a risk that the garage could heat up when exposed to sunlight, resulting in high temperatures inside the garage that could harm your robotic lawnmower. Of course, it depends on a material that is rustproof.

On the other hand, robotic mower garages made of wire frames can be filled in with stones or even planted, so that they blend in well with the design of the garden and harmonize perfectly with the overall appearance.

Additional theft protection for robotic lawnmower garages

Products with a gate that opens and closes automatically or that can be controlled via an app can be more complex than classic robotic lawnmower garages. These models require extra technology and are therefore generally more expensive to purchase. In return, they offer an extra measure of theft protection in the shelter.

The design of the robotic lawnmower garage

A look at the range of different robot garages reveals the diversity of products on the market. In addition to models made of plastic that blend inconspicuously into the overall appearance of the garden, there are shelters with glass or transparent polycarbonate roofs or even extravagant designs for planting. Robotic mower garages in the design of a doghouse or a car garage are also available. Products made of wood are particularly easy to paint in your own favorite color.

What all products should have in common is the relevance of proper air circulation inside. This will help guard your robotic lawnmower from excessive heat and moisture buildup, which can be detrimental to your device. Conversely, the design should also not be too open or airy where lateral weather can be invasive.

The installation of a robotic lawnmower garage

Robot mower garages from reputable manufacturers are usually simply attached above the charging station with ground pegs. This helps provide protection in windy conditions and as well as a  secure hold. The fastening material is usually included with the purchase of the shelter.

Most wooden shelters, on the other hand, simply stand on the ground without being fixed. This means that they are not necessarily stable in heavy storms. However, the comparatively high dead weight can provide secure stabilization in everyday use.

Access to the control panel

It proves to be practical if the roof of a robotic mower garage can simply be opened. If the shelter is fixed to the ground, this makes access to the control panel much easier.

Robotic lawnmower garages for winter

Robot mower garages are designed to protect the device outdoors. However, they do not provide adequate protection against frost. It is recommended to store your robotic lawnmower free of frost in the garage or tool shed when the temperature drops below zero, so that the battery is not damaged. Plastic garages in particular should ideally be stored indoors in winter, as the cold can otherwise affect the material. It can become porous more quickly and tends to break.

Which robotic lawnmower garage is the right one?

The product selection on the market is versatile. This makes it difficult to say which robotic lawnmower garage is really the right one. Rather, it depends on the personal budget and preferences. If you are looking for a discreet and inexpensive solution, plastic garages are particularly suitable, since they are hardly noticeable above the charging station. Products made of wood or metal, on the other hand, stand out more clearly and are not perfectly matched in size to a robotic lawnmower model.  They can be customized but weatherizing amounts to additional work. We always recommend the purchase of a manufacturer's own garage, which are designed to optimally protect your robotic lawnmower and charging station and discreetly blend into the garden design.