International Blog What must a robotic lawnmower be able to do?

What must a robotic lawnmower be able to do?

First of all, there is no such thing as the perfect lawn robot for all lawns. The terrain, size and condition of the garden, the requirements for mowing times and control options via GPS & Co. are all very different. And yet: some features should not be missing from a robotic mower for smooth operation.

Not all robotic mowers are the same. What all models do have in common is their similar shape and the way they move. At a second glance, it becomes clear that the products on the market differ significantly from each other. To find the right model for your own garden, it is first necessary prioritize your own requirements and then look at possible features of the products. What should a robotic lawnmower be able to do and what can it do without?

Consider the condition and size of the garden

Probably the most important criterion when choosing the right robotic lawnmower is the size and condition of the garden. Small devices are only designed for a few hundred square meters, while powerful models can handle 3,000 m² and more. 

The closer the actual lawn area is to the maximum power of the robotic lawnmower, the more often the device must be in operation to trim the lawn evenly. Of course, the average mowing time per battery charge and the subsequent charging time required to provide new power also have an influence on the mowing times. If there are play breaks for children or relaxation periods in the evening and on weekends, the calculation of the maximum area performance should not be too tight.

Further criteria of a lawn robot, which depends on garden conditions, are for example the maneuverability (in particular with small winding gardens), the number of the secondary zones and separate zones which the lawn robot is to control, and also the terrain. After all, not every model can handle slopes without any problems.

And finally, it is also worth taking a look at the lawn itself. How level or uneven is the lawn? What cutting height do you want for the ornamental or commercial lawn? To produce an optimal cutting pattern on even on uneven terrain, for example, there are models with pendulum-mounted cutting decks. The cutting heights vary between 15 and 100 millimeters, so that the perfect solution can be found for both a low ornamental lawn and a highly shaded lawn.

Every robotic lawnmower should have these features

Once you have determined the basic conditions, it's time to select a suitable model that not only has sufficient engine power but also provides maximum lawn care.

Self-cleaning mowing deck reduces cleaning effort

It is inevitable that damp grass will collect in the robotic lawnmower, where it will sooner or later have a negative impact on cutting performance. Regular cleaning of a robotic lawnmower is therefore essential in order to achieve perfect cutting results over the long run. A self-cleaning mowing deck reduces the time you invest in cleaning and maintenance to a minimum. This leaves more time to enjoy your magnificent garden.

Edge function - no tedious trimming of lawn edges

As accurate and precise as robotic lawnmowers may cut - if long blades remain at the lawn’s edges, manual reworking is required to create a truly perfect trim. This not only costs time, but is also very tedious. The ideal robotic lawnmower has a trimming function in which the blades extend beyond the wheelbase and thus trim right up to the very edge.

For the edge mode to work optimally, the exact laying of the perimeter wire is an important prerequisite. Therefore, installation by a professional is recommended.

Replaceable parts - easy maintenance and repair

Even the best lawn robot is not safe from wear and tear. Nothing is more annoying when you have to bring the robot in for professional maintenance and repair to replace every small part. This not only costs time, but money. It is much more practical, however, if you can simply replace blades and other worn out parts with just a few simple steps and minimal use of tools to carry out minor repairs yourself.

Nevertheless, the replacement of worn out parts should not substituted for the annual winter check at a professional dealer. The dealer will give the robot a thorough inspection and also check the battery and software.

Powerful battery for efficient mowing

A powerful battery provides long mowing times before the robotic lawnmower has to return to its charging station. It only remains there for a short time until there is enough power to continue the mowing process. Overall, the time spent mowing is significantly reduced, leaving more time for breaks in which you can enjoy your garden completely. In addition, rechargeable batteries from 4.7 Ah are considered to have an extremely long service life, as they are characterized by an above-average retention of the full charge capacity for a long time.

Low noise level for more peace and quiet in the garden

It is probably impossible to prevent the robotic lawnmower from making its rounds even when you are enjoying your free time in the garden. In this case, a robotic lawnmower that works so quietly that you can hardly hear it, is a real blessing. With a noise level of less than 60 dB, in principle you could even let the robot mow at night without disturbing your neighbors. 

However, neither humans nor animals should be in the garden when the robot is operating. If in doubt, avoid unnecessary risks and send your robot back to the charging station with a simple app command until the path is clear again.

Tire traction - grip in all weather conditions

On slopes, lawn robots quickly lose their grip in wet weather and, in the worst case, end up where they shouldn't be. Wheels with chunky tires provide optimum grip even in wet grass and ensure safe navigation on level terrain as well as on slopes. So you can be sure that your robotic lawnmower will work reliably even in drizzly weather.

Optional features

In addition to these features, which every robotic lawnmower should have regardless of its size and performance, you have a choice of numerous other features when buying a robotic lawnmower. Probably not all of them are fit you needs, but should at least be considered before deciding in favor of a model:

  • Rain sensor
  • Theft protection (e.g. via geofencing)
  • Manufacturer's extended warranty against theft and damage
  • Control options via app, touchscreen & Co.
  • GPS navigation
  • Obstacle detection via camera sensors

Most of the features a robotic lawnmower come with depend on your garden condition and individual preferences. But there are also some features that should not be missing from any model. If you take these into account when buying, you will feel a significant relief in regular lawn care - and have more time for pure garden enjoyment.