International Blog The best smart home gadgets for families

The best smart home gadgets for families

Whether as learning support for the little ones, fun gimmicks for in between or as a relief for the everyday life of parents - smart gadgets are also becoming increasingly popular in families. Not all have a deeper benefit, sometimes they just add variety to family life.

MamaRoo - the smart baby bouncer for security

Many parents should be aware of the problem of continuous use when rocking the cradle until the little ones have finally fallen asleep. A lot of time is wasted on tireless work, which is then not available for other activities. With the MamaRoo baby cradle, 4moms has found a great solution here: The cradle swings from side to side, moves up and down and even plays the included sounds or music from the mp3 player. Control via Bluetooth allows remote control of volume, melody and the movement mode. There is definitely a movement here for every child that has a calming effect and leads to quick sleep. The attached play balls above the child's head then offer great employment opportunities for newborns and larger babies even when awake.

Baby Gigl - feeding with technical support

The Baby Gigl bottle holder, supported by Bluetooth, supports parents when feeding the little ones. The gadget uses an acoustic signal to alert parents when the bottle is held incorrectly and the risk of colic increases if too much air is swallowed. In addition, the holder determines the fill level of the bottle and derives data such as the amount drunk and the time required. Reliable analyzes are also possible when using several bottles because the data is reliably merged. If you are concerned about radiation exposure: The Bluetooth function can also be simply switched off while feeding.

Moxi - charge the smartphone on the stroller

Is it taking longer in the playground, or was there simply no time to charge the smartphone in the hustle and bustle of dressing up children for the round of mud? This is not a problem with the Moxi stroller. With the movement of the rear wheels, the stylish stroller generates electricity with every turn, which can be used to operate your own lighting and can also be used to charge a smartphone. The smart stroller also records environmental data that can be easily read on the LCD screen on the handle. For fitness-loving parents, it is even possible to determine the calories that were burned during each walk.

Playbrush - brushing teeth is also fun for children

Brushing teeth in the evening is a major issue in many families. Here too, smart technology can help to bring children closer to the fun of brushing their teeth. Playbrush makes brushing your teeth a game that encourages brushing through a Bluetooth connection. With the movements of the toothbrush, game figures can be moved in animations in several up and down movements. Only those who really clean properly will achieve their goal. Unlike an electric toothbrush, you put your own toothbrush in the attachment and start the free app while cleaning. Several accounts can be created at the same time, so that the whole family can compete against each other in a toothbrush competition in the evening.

Cozmo - playful programming

Cozmo is a smart robot that starts exploring its surroundings as soon as it is switched on. The device recognizes faces, even memorizes names and transports interactive cubes around. The little one challenges his human friends with short comments like "catch me!" And offers a very special additional benefit through the possibility of programming. Children can learn the basics of electronics and creative programming in a playful way. All you need to play is the associated Cozmo app (iOS / Android).

Electronic pets - no work for parents

As big as the little ones' desire for dogs, cats or rabbits, the desire to take care of the animals daily usually disappears very soon. Sooner or later, the fate of many pets is in the hands of the parents. Sometimes financial reasons or allergies simply prevent the purchase of a real animal. All the better that there are now a whole range of electronic pets that the little ones can teach tricks and that are suitable for cuddling and playing - without the annoying side effects such as going for a walk, visiting the vet or regular feeding. Although monkeys, parrots or glittering unicorns do not seem very realistic to adults - children definitely are having a lot of fun with their new friends.

Miniature cars - driving fun for the little ones

The miniature Mercedes is admittedly not a bargain but will delight the youngsters. The car comes with a noble leather seat and classic wing doors and offers a particularly authentic driving experience with LED headlights, horn and integrated driving noises. With the seat belt, the 3 forward gears and a reverse gear and an automatic brake, the little ones can also learn the 1x1 of traffic safety directly. So that the little ones do not just drive away from their parents, a remote control is also available for the vehicle.

Music while showering with the narwhal

Whether the radio play for the little ones in the bathtub or the parents' favorite playlist in the shower - the colorful mini narwhal is specially designed for use in the bathroom and is therefore particularly insensitive to moisture. The compact USB speaker is easily attached to the wall using a suction cup. The cheerful design is of course particularly suitable for children but is sure to put a smile on some parents' faces before the first coffee.

Atari retro console

Admittedly, this device is not really smart - which should hardly diminish the fun. This retro console lets parents reminisce and comes with 120 classic games that can be played in a duel with the kids. Despite the retro look, the device is equipped with a lot of contemporary features - radio joysticks are also included just like a HDMI connection and HD resolution. Of course, the device is officially licensed by the manufacturer Atari.