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The best gadgets for balcony and garden

The number of gadgets for balcony and garden is unmanageable. For grilling alone, there are countless more or less useful tools, some of them are smart and others are not. The same applies to various lighting options in the garden or simply nice gadgets that are ideal as a gift.

A grill bot for the cleaning work

There is hardly a garden owner who does not use the warm weather for regular barbecues. The subsequent cleaning of the grill is probably the most annoying thing. This little helper supports here. The Grillbot is equipped with a rechargeable battery and with its brass brushes sweeps away the grilled food from the grill in no time at all. It does not matter whether it is a gas, electric or classic coal grill. The device starts working beginning at a temperature of 120 ° C, the operational time can be set using the timer and at the end the brushes are conveniently placed in the dishwasher. An ideal gift for all self-proclaimed grill masters.

Netatmo - the weather station for the garden

The Netatmo weather station is no longer an insider tip in the garden. The smart device shows indoor and outdoor temperature, humidity and even precipitation. The latest version is even equipped with a rain sensor that you can simply screw onto a surface or a tripod - thanks to the radio connection, even up to 100 m away, regardless of the station itself. The anemometer is also optionally available as an additional feature for the basic equipment or all three components are also available as a practical set in a complete package.

Landmann mini grill for the balcony railing

Barbecuing is by no means permitted on every balcony - but vice versa, it is not always prohibited. If you are allowed to grill, but do not have enough space on the balcony to set up an entire grill, you will drive well with this practical mini grill, which works practically with the help of gas. Similar to a flower box, you simply mount the frame on the balcony railing - ideally inside the parapet so that the food to be grilled cannot be lost. Alternatively, wall mounting or operation on a non-flammable surface is possible. The size of the grill is far from sufficient for the extended family, but it always satisfies the occasional desire for juicy grilled food.

Big Drippa - automatic irrigation for the balcony

This compact irrigation system is ideal for the balcony. Visually, the water tank, which has a volume of 10 liters, is comparable to an infusion drip in a hospital. Irrigation is based on the principle of gravity using a hose and six water outlets, each of them can be individually adjusted so that a different amount of water is possible for each plant. The water is then released over a period of around 24 hours, depending on the set amount - ideal if you are not there for the weekend. Because it is made from recycled PVC, this product is also sustainable.

Playbulb Garden - atmospheric garden lighting using a solar module

The solar-powered LEDs from Playbulb bathe every garden in an atmospheric light. The smart lights not only have a versatile play of colors, but also extremely practical control via Bluetooth. The lights recognize daylight and twilight using a sensor and start or stop automatically. Of course, the lights are IP 68 waterproof, so you can even use them in the swimming pool for atmospheric accents. Installation on the ground is just as easy using the earth spike. After a charging time of only 8-10 hours, they are ready for the use of full 20 hours.

Downhole beverage cooler - always a cold drink at hand

This downhole beverage cooler is the dream of numerous grill fans! The original product is known as “Hopfenhöhle” and offers an absolutely secure hold for up to 15 bottles if the stand disappears into the ground like an elevator. The lid is thermally insulated and UV-stable, unbreakable and absolutely waterproof. All you need to do is dig the pipe once, so that you can have a supply of naturally cooled drinks at hand for every garden party. Of course, the product is not only suitable for beer, but also - regardless of the shape - for non-alcoholic drinks with 0.33 and 0.5 liters.

Solar fountain - visual highlight for garden ponds, bird baths etc.

Whether for the garden pond or as a supplement to the bird bath - this small pond pump sets a stylish accent. With four different outlet nozzles, the fountain can not only be varied in height, but a different pattern is also possible. For operation, the pump only has to be in the water while the sun does the rest and starts the pump. This makes this product extremely versatile and even suitable as a gift.

Wow - robust speakers made of silicone

These Kakkoii outdoor speakers are specially designed for outdoor use. The small boxes can be charged in just 3-4 hours and have a volume of up to 86 dB - ideal for barbecues with friends. It is easily controlled via a Bluetooth interface. Various bright colors also add a bright color accent to your garden. With the Wow Splash, the manufacturer has now also developed a variant that is designed for the use by the pool.

Garden Igloo - mobile winter garden for every garden

This weather-resistant igloo made from recyclable plastic is an absolute eye-catcher not only because of its shape. It can be set up completely without tools in just one hour and is extremely simple. The house can then be used all year round as both a garden house and a winter garden thanks to the maximum use of sun and light. Plants can spend the winter frost-free, children can use a weather-protected room to play or a storage room can be created. The mobile igloo is even ideal as a cover for the jacuzzi.