International Blog RT vs. RK series - robotic mowers in comparison

RT vs. RK series - robotic mowers in comparison

A robotic lawnmower can reduce lawn care to a minimum provided that the model is optimally adapted to the area. Robomow offers devices for different requirements with the RT and RK series.

In order to achieve the best possible lawn care and to reduce the effort of a robotic lawnmower to a maximum, it is important to choose a robotic lawnmower whose performance is matched to the lawn area. With our RK and RT series, there is a wide range of products to choose from including the right model for your dream lawn.

The equipment of the RT series

The RT series is available in two model variants:

  • RT300
  • RT700

Compact design for small gardens

Our RT robotic mower series are characterized by their particularly compact design. A cutting width of 18 cm makes them the ideal garden helper in small gardens with a lawn area of up to 700 m². Thanks to a low cutting height of 15 mm, the two models are also ideal for ornamental lawns.

The RT series also impress with their respectable off-road mobility. On inclines, the traction wheels provide a strong grip and are designed to handle a grade up to 30%.

Finally, the pendulum-suspended mowing deck helps  provide a precise cut and enable an excellent pattern even on rough terrain.

Low maintenance and easy to operate

Robomow robotic brush mowers are low-maintenance and powerful at the same time. Moreover, the RT's integrated mulch cleaner helps minimize cleaning labor. They are also convenient and uncomplicated to operate - even via app if desired. Comfort also applies when it comes to wearing parts, which you can easily replace yourself. The mowing time is approx. 75 min for the smaller RT300 and approx. 90 min for the RT700, per charge. *Mowing time is based on ideal mowing conditions

RK series robotic mowers

Our RK series offers six different models that dependably mow lawns from 1,000 to 4,000 m²:

  • RK1000
  • RK1000 Pro
  • RK2000
  • RK2000 Pro
  • RK3000 Pro
  • RK4000 Pro


Useful maintenance of larger gardens

The 360° obstacle detection proves to be sensible. The robotic lawnmower is designed to  detect barriers at the slightest touch and circumvent them. This helps reduce mowing times, as time-consuming turning maneuvers are less frequently required.

With cutting widths of 21 and 42 cm, efficient mowing is now possible on areas up to 4,000 m². The model designation provides information on the area output. Cutting heights between 20 and 100 mm offer  flexibility even on sport and shaded lawns.

Thanks to the pendulum-suspended cutting deck, the cutting pattern should be accurate and uniform even if there are irregularities in the ground structure because the blades reliably follow the ground.

As with the RT series, the traction wheels help provide excellent off-road mobility on most  surfaces.  They are built with robust motors so  that the robotic lawnmower can master slopes of up to 45%.

Powerful motors, easy operation

Brushless DC motors are installed in all models of the RK series, which are characterized by their low power consumption and mowing times between 40 and 120 minutes per charge. *Mowing time depends on the model and is based on ideal mowing conditions. ). At the same time, the noise level of the motors remains very low to help avoid  disturbing your neighbors.

A touch screen helps provide intuitive and convenient operation of the device, and the selection of tough and resistant parts should contribute to a long service life. Cleaning and maintenance are just as easy as setting up the unit.

Less rework with edge-cutting technology

Last but not least, RK Series robotic mowers are equipped with special edge-cutting technology. The blades protrude slightly beyond the wheelbase allowing the device to get particularly close to edges or to drive over them easily. With optimal installation, lawn edges can remain clean  for a long period of time, giving you more time to enjoy your lawn to the fullest.

Comparison of the RK and RT series robotic mowers

RT series robotic mowers are ideal for small gardens and front yards due to their compact design. They work accurately and are characterized by their low maintenance.

The same applies to our RK robotic mowers series, which are designed for larger gardens. Top performance is achievable, not least thanks to the larger cutting width and 360° sensors. Additional features such as edge-cutting technology helps prevent you from having to deal with unwanted retouching.

These criteria are important when comparing robotic mowers.

Manufacturers name a variety of features that determine the performance of a robotic mower. When these fit your own garden, is it possible that your new garden helper will also meet their requirements. The following aspects are important in a comparison of robotic mowers:

  • The maximum area output. This is not necessarily the same as the size of the lawn. If the robotic lawnmower is not to be used continuously 24/7, it is advisable to calculate the required area output by taking into account break times. In addition, the terrain structure can reduce the specified area output of the manufacturer. A small buffer is therefore always advisable.
  • Cutting width. The larger the cutting width, the faster it mows even larg areas in quick  time. However, a larger cutting width comes at the expense of maneuverability so that large models are not fully suitable for very winding gardens.
  • Terrain capability. If there are slopes in your garden, note the maximum gradient. Not all robotic mowers are suitable for every incline.
  • The cutting height. Ornamental lawns tolerate significantly lower cutting depths, while shade lawns may sometimes be 8 cm long. The cutting height of a robotic lawnmower therefore also plays an important role in the comparison of robotic lawnmowers.
  • Operability. Some robotic mowers feature a touchscreen or the option of app control. Choose the operating method according to your personal preferences.
  • Equipment features. If you value the lowest possible amount of retouching or particularly high efficiency, it is worth taking a look at the additional equipment features of a robotic mower.

This can be an edge cutting function, a 360° sensor or even a GPS function.

Which robotic mower is perfect for the lawn?

Ultimately, there is no one perfect robotic lawnmower. Whether a device can optimally meet the requirements depends primarily on the selection of the suitable device that also fits the general conditions. It is therefore absolutely sensible to carry out a comparison of robotic lawnmowers before making a purchase. That way you can fully enjoy your new garden helper after buying it.