Changing the blades on a robotic lawnmower - this is how it's done.

Sharp blades are essential for achieving optimum cutting results with a robotic mower. Even with good care and maintenance, however, blades wear out over time. Changing the blades on the robotic mower is therefore highly recommended - here's how.

Sharp blades help provide a clean cut lawn. Robotic lawnmower blades cut neatly so that the grass recovers quickly to help avoid brown tips from forming. Nevertheless, with good care, blades wear out over time. Objects such as small stones, branches or nuts can cause small pieces to break out off the blades and impact functionality. Sooner or later, the blades will need to be replaced. Thankfully, this is usually not difficult and done in a few simple steps.

How often do you have to change the blades on the robotic lawnmower?

The service life of robotic lawnmower blades depends on several factors. The manufacturer's specifications usually provide guidelines.

  • On the one hand, the frequency of use plays a decisive role. The more often the device is used, the faster the blades wear out.
  • The type of lawn also has an influence on the service life of the blades.
  • Foreign debris on the lawn canl quickly cause the cutting edge of the blades to dull. Therefore, we recommend clearing your lawn of obstacles before your robotic mower does its job.
  • The materials of the blades differ depending on the manufacturer. Certain  suppliers repeatedly offer blades for robotic lawnmowers that can be of poor quality and therefore wear out more quickly than average.
  • Star blades are designed to be  much more robust than disc blades (with their movable blades) and thus to require less frequent replacement- often only once per season compared to every 2-3 months.

When the cutting pattern deteriorates significantly, it is time for a blade change. An increase in noise can also be an indication that the blades are blunt. This can cause the robotic lawnmower to require significantly more energy and the number of charging cycles may increase. However, regardless of these signs, it is recommended to visually inspect the blades approximately every two weeks.

Tools for changing the blades on the robotic lawnmower

The tools required to replace the blades on the robotic lawnmower differ depending on the manufacturer. Usually, only a screwdriver or a special tool from the manufacturer is required. Optimally, however, some models you can do completely without tools. This is often  the case with star blades.

Changing the disc blades on a robotic mower- step by step

Important! Always follow the manufacturer's safety and replacement instructions!

  1. First, be sure that the mower is completely shut off. Only then turn the device over.
  2. Remove the screws from the blades, as well as the old blades, and replace them with new ones. Be sure to wear protective gloves as the blades are extremely sharp.
  3. Screw and tighten just enough to allow the blades to move freely. Use new screws for this and not the old ones. This is because the screws also wear out and can loosen. If not followed correctly, the blades could dislodge.

Changing star blades

Important! Always follow the manufacturer's safety and replacement instructions!

In many cases, no tools at all are necessary to change star-shaped blades. Wearing protective gloves is recommended to prevent  injuries. Here are three simple steps:

  1. Be sure that the mower is completely shut off. Only then turn the device over.
  2. Press the tabs in the middle of the blade together. This allows the blade to be released.
  3. Insert the new blade and make sure it clicks into place.


Sharpening the blades on the robotic lawnmower

In general, purchasing new blades is usually not very expensive. Star blades may cost a bit more than blades for models with blade discs. Since a grinding tool is generally not included in the purchase of the lawn mower and sharpening itself can involve a lot of time and effort, it is often not worth resharpening the blades.

Advantages of changing the blades

  • Helps to ensure that the cutting pattern remains  accurate.
  • The operating noise of the robotic mower should remain quiet.
  • Helps the device to requires less energy,  and reduce the number of charging cycles, thus preserving the battery.
  • The health of the lawn is maximized.

Changing the blades on the robotic mower is quick, easy With models that allow tool-free replacement, this can be done with little  effort in just a few steps. Accordingly, you should also perform this regularly to help ensure the health of the lawn growth.