What is a friendly home?

Home is where we feel most comfortable. Home is where we are happiest Home is where our team players reside Welcome to an entirely new mowing experience. Robomow’s Friendly Home lawnmowers fit effortlessly into your lifestyle, making themselves instantly at home in your life, your garden and with your home team. Designed to provide the easiest, most convenient and least time-consuming mow ever, Robomow mowers are garden-friendly (Install them away from the lawn), user-friendly (communicate with them from your smartphone) and family-friendly (your lawn, your schedule)! At home and in the garden, Robomow is simply, your best team player.

What is a Robotic Mower?

A Robotic lawn mower is the modern day replacement for the more traditional manual mower, ride-on mowers and tractors. Operating quietly and autonomously, auto mowers are designed to save you both time and money, leaving you free to enjoy other activities with family and friends. Today’s automatic lawn mowers are increasingly sophisticated. Self-docking and with their own working schedule, they require minimum human interaction and can even be programmed from the convenience of your smartphone! Fun fact: Remote lawn mowers rank as the second largest category of domestic robots in the home today!

Robomow history

Much to Mulch About

A mulching mower employs high speed blades which retain the grass clippings inside the chamber until they are small enough to fall back onto the lawn and act as natural fertilizer. Therefore, the next generation of Friendly Machines prototypes were designed without the clippings bag, making them leaner, meaner and so much greener than other mowers.

Stranger than Fiction

As you can see, the first prototypes were simply regular Rover lawn mowers with a bunch of bizarre machinery stuck on the top!

Two Men, One Vision

Robomow was founded in 1995 and was originally called 'Friendly Machines'. Founded by two entrepreneurs, Mr. Udi Peless and Mr. Shai Abramson, legend has it that one hot summer's day, Mr. Peless’s wife asked him to mow the lawn. While trying to avoid this impending chore, Udi fantasized about a robotic lawnmower. …And so, Friendly Machines was born.

Claim to Fame – ‘Robomow Classic’

This little fella, the Robomow Classic, debuted in the GLEE exhibition in Birmingham, UK in 1997 and was the 'father' of Friendly Robotics official first model. The Classic model was launched for sale in 1998 and sold about 4000 units between 1998 and 2001.

The Evolution of Revolution

In 1999, Friendly Machines evolved into Friendly Robotics.

Robomow RL with Base Station

Further enhancements included the Base Station which enabled users to create a periodic lawn mowing program and essentially, to forget about lawn mowing altogether.

2nd Generation

In 2000, the 2nd generation of robotic mowers was brought into being. …And the Robomow RL platform was born. Compared to the Robomow Classic, the Robomow RL was far more advanced, smaller, lighter and more user-friendly. This improved model sold 11,000 units between the years 2000 to 2013.

Other Machines Get in on the Action

In 2003, a joint venture with Hoover Company led to the creation of the RV, the first ever robotic vacuum cleaner. The RV was sold between the years 2003 and 2005.

A Household Name

In 2005, Friendly Robotics made the strategic decision to put its brand name 'Robomow' at center stage. Although the company is still called Friendly Robotics, today, the Robomow brand is widely recognized all over the world. And the rest, as they say, is history.

3rd Generation: Hi-Tech, Small Lawns, Lower Cost

In 2008, the Robomow RM made its debut as the 3rd generation of robotic mowers. Smaller, lighter and an improved version of the Robomow RL, RM was designed specifically for the small lawn which up until now had been largely ignored. This Robomow was an overnight hit, selling 30,000 units between 2008 and 2013.

Robomow City 120

Red is the New Black

In 2011, Robomow introduced its RED Robomow line – the younger and slightly lower cost version of the successful RL and RM models.

Hot Off the Press

Robmow's 4th generation of mowers is set to expand in 2014 with the introduction of 5 additional models; the RS622, RS612, TS1800, TS1000, MS1800 and MS1000. Robomow will also be introducing a completely new platform for small and medium sized lawns to include 7 new models; the RC306, RC304, RC302, TC500, TC300, MC500 and MC300.

Black Line Robomows

Also in 2013…Robomow came out with its 3rd product line, the Black line. These swanky models were created for the more tech-savvy user looking for that clean, sleek, elegant, latest must-have accessory.

4th Generation, Overnight Sensation

In 2013, the Robomow RS was born – this being the 4th generation of robotic mowers. This line was an overnight smash hit, selling 5000 units in just the first year. The Robomow RS also upgraded Robomow’s lawn size arsenal, with a lawn cutting capability of 3000m2!

The Robomow App: Control, Interact, Experience

It's here! The Robomow App! Interacting with your mower has never been faster, easier or more enjoyable!

5th Generation, Smartphone Application

Introducing Robomow’s 5th generation of robotic mowers! These funky, cool Robomowers are designed for lawns of up to 600m2. Robomow’s best models ever, they offer a huge variety of features and lawn coverage options and are, of course, all fully programmable via the Robomow App!

6th Generation – Any lawn

This little guy breaks the mould with its ability to mow anything beautifully, from petite patios to 200m2 lawns and even up to 300m2 in the right conditions! Our smallest mower yet, is as big on features as it is compact in size and includes single button operation, excellent manoeverability, theft protection and easy part replacement.  With the RX, now everyone can enjoy a Robomow garden…

Robomow RX50 Pro S: The new clever family member

Robomow is expanding its RX series for beginners with a new compact robot, the RX50 Pro S. With an area performance of up to 500 m², the new model is suitable for families with mediumsized and large gardens.

Robomow is expanding its RX series for beginners with a new compact robot, the RX50 Pro S. With an area performance of up to 500 m², the new model is suitable for families with mediumsized and large gardens.
Saarbrücken, September 2018 - A new powerhouse of the Robomow RX series will be launched in the next mowing season: With a running time of up to 180 minutes and an area performance of up to 500 m², the RX50 Pro S complements Robomow's successful RX series around the RX20 (300 m²) and RX12u (250 m²). The top product also sets new standards in terms of comfort with the powerful 12V Li-Ion rechargeable battery. Thanks to the patented mulch cleaner, which is unique on the market, the RX50
Pro S automatically removes grass residues during mowing and thus cleans its mowing deck itself.

Stable on any surface

The RX50 Pro S has even better manoeuvrability thanks to its unique metal glide curve. While practically "gliding" over the lawn, it effortlessly overcomes obstacles. The top product with its maximum manoeuvrability can thus be used even in narrow passages and small corners – not only on dry grass. The Robomow keeps control even on wet surfaces: The new, specially designed Spiked Wheels provide a firm grip on wet ground.

Short process thanks to powerful blade
The super safe, powerful steel blade provides a powerful cut with a mowing height of 15 to 45 mm and a cutting width of 18 cm. The grass is cut so small that it decomposes quickly in a natural way and all water and minerals are
returned to the soil. For a beautiful, healthy lawn! The annoying collection of cuttings belongs to the past.

More performance, less maintenance
The fact that the mowing deck of all robots in the RX series is suspended in a floating position allows the machine to adapt perfectly to virtually any terrain. The result of every mowing operation, even on unusual types of terrain, is
an excellent cut. The lawn robots can also be equipped with an extra mulch cleaner. This makes them the only mowers with patented self-cleaning technology to remove grass cuttings while mowing. This results in more performance and less maintenance!

Smart into the future
The mowers of Robomow RX series can be operated and controlled via smartphone, web app or Alexa voice activation. The RX50 Pro S offers full comfort. The mower is equipped with RoboHome, acting as a protective roof. The RoboConnect can establish a connection to cloudbased Amazon Alexa voice control, which enables the robot to be operated by voice call. Amazon Alexa provides a variety of commands that can be found under the Robomow Alexa skill. Available in English, German and French. An extension to the new RoboConnect+ (available as an accessory) enables the robot to be located any time via live tracking. In addition, the mower can be found in just a few minutes in the event of theft.

Availability and Price
The new Robomow RX50 Pro S is available from season start 2019. The recommended retail price including RoboHome and the new RoboConnect is 949 Euro. Additional RX models are
availabe starting from 499 Euro.

“Alexa, tell Robomow to start mowing!”

With the launch of the RC312 Pro S in August 2018, Robomow became the first supplier on the market to offer robotic lawnmowers that respond to Amazon Alexa voice control. Robomow will offer a variety of models in 2019 which will respond to Amazon Echo devices. Beyond starting and stopping, voice control offers a wide range of command options for the upcoming models. By using Alexa the robot can be asked about the last mowing job, about where it is, what it is doing and when it plans to go for the next mow.
Even more comfort

For ultimate relaxation while having the grass mown, Alexa can read out all command possibilities. Additionally, Alexa can intervene in the ongoing mowing program, for example to send Robomow home when friends and family come over spontaneously. All it takes is simply saying: “Alexa, tell Robomow to stop mowing!” Via voice control the planned program can further be changed or extended to other mowing areas. If Robomow has been sent home to the base station, it will remain there until it is fully charged. Once 100% battery level has been achieved, it will start mowing again in the planned program. To make it pause longer, automatic mowing can be deactivated via Alexa command.

Charming extras
Smart into the future: so far Robomow offered smart control via Mobile App and MyRobomow Web App, accessible with phone, tablet or personal computer. With the introduction of the Amazon Alexa voice control system, Robomow robotic lawnmowers can be integrated even better into smarthome systems, making the intelligent control system at home easier than ever. Additionally Alexa can help to get to know your Robomow better. It can be asked how the robot is doing and what it is up to next. Funny and insightful answers about the robot’s life make for little surprises. Just ask: “Alexa, ask Robomow if it likes mowing?” The answer is waiting at the local dealer’s store.

RoboConnect+ accessory
While some Robomow models already react to Alexa voice control as a build-in asset, others can be tuned by using the RoboConnect+ accessory modul. The modul enables the robot to receive signals from Amazon Echo devices and Robomow customers can benefit from the convenience of voice controlled, modern robotic mowing.