5 Summer Outdoor Party Decorating Ideas You Need to Try Out

June 5th, 2017

Nothing screams summer more than outdoor parties. Whether it is just a gathering of a few close friends or a get-together with the whole neighborhood, decorating your space is very important to make your party pop and to keep your guests interested. In fact, according to JHill Interiors, it’s the decor styling that makes the character of the space. You wouldn’t want the celebrations to seem boring, would you?

With that said, here are some cool outdoor party space decorating ideas Robomow, the friendliest robot lawn mower, has gathered to gain inspiration from.

summer outdoor party decoration



1. Transparent seating

If scenery is your thing and as a host, you want to impart the beauty of your yard to the guests, opting for see-through chairs and tables may be a good choice. Their transparent quality will make your garden’s beauty shine through in your guests’ eyes without much distraction. Transparent seating can make a picture-perfect setting.


2. Light up the trees

Installing light fixtures on surrounding trees in the site is simple and yields stunning results. Aside from offering lighting for guests staying beyond nightfall, it can give trees the magical firefly touch with dancing bulbs from leaf to leaf. Are you on a tight budget? You can always use old Christmas lights to do the trick.


3. Quirky cool seashell salt and pepper shakers

Think those ordinary small bottles of condiments look too plain and boring? Why not use conch shells to hold those powdery granules of salt and pepper instead? Aside from looking unique and fun, they also give off an “Under the Sea” vibe. These are perfect for parties by the seaside.Pair them with other beach-themed decors.

summer outdoor party decoration ideas



4. Candle centerpieces

For parties that will go way beyond dusk, candles can offer great lighting for those interesting dinner conversations. Go for scented ones to set the mood for the party and if possible, and mix them with mosquito-repellent variants to protect your guests while having a good time. They are also easy to incorporate into gorgeous arrangements if you prefer something more sophisticated.


5. Floating pool balls

Does your party area have a pool? Brighten it up by scattering colorful floating balls to make it just as interesting as the rest of the space. What’s more is that these balls can also serve as props for those party games you plan on incorporating into your program. The kids will definitely love playing with them while they splash around.


6.Final Thoughts

Getting to host a party is an exciting thing, and these ideas are just some of the sure fire ways to make more lasting memories with family and friends. Always remember though that what makes a party is not the amount of time spent on decorating. It’s in those hours of fun you spend with your loved ones that truly makes the memory of it last.