About Us

    Who We Are

    All Robomow® products are developed and manufactured by a privately owned company called Friendly Robotics, founded in 1995 by 2 partners Mr. Udi Peless and Mr. Shai Abramson. The company has developed and industrialized several models of robotic lawn mowers as well as other robotic home appliances such as robotic vacuum cleaners., comprisd out of several models,Robomow® offers a cost effective solution for almost any domestic garden.

    Robomow® products are distributed in most markets including Europe, USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.



    When we conceived the first robot mower in 1995, our goal could be summed up in four words: It mows. You don’t.

    The challenge was not so simple: to develop a strong, affordable, intelligent, mobile robotic appliance that would free people from repetitive, time and effort-consuming chores. That meant integrating the strongest materials with the smartest programming.

    In 1997, we successfully launched the Robomow Classic, opening a new dimension in lawn care. Our mission has not changed.

    It continues to drive an evolving line of standard-setting mowers that feature the highest grade robust materials, the most thorough cut on the market, including perfect edge cutting, and customer support that is as caring as it is professional. All this, with less time on the lawn.

    Our roadmap continues to be exclusively dedicated to robotic mowers. Our focus is Robomow.