Fred Bolden

    This mower is nothing short of amazing. Congratulations on a wonderful product!


    This amazing lawnmower is a Robot that works on its own to cut your lawn while you do something more interesting. It is battery powered and instead of collecting the grass it mulches it into a fine dust that disappears into, and nourishes your lawn. Firstly you have to peg down a wire around the edge of your lawn and connect it to a small battery powered transmitter. The Robot navigates itself within the wire to cut your lawn- and flat edges. The wire stays permanently in the ground so from then on all you have to do is place the robot on the lawn and let it do it's own thing! The wire is simple to set up and the machine has a host of safety features and adjustments. This mower is not for use on slopes and rough grass but is ideal for a flat and fairly large well kept lawn. I have used this mower for 3 seasons and am totally impressed by it's capabilities and reliability. [url]