Greg Wyatt

    It does a great job, it mows in a pattern that makes sure it mows every nook and cranny!

     What I really like best about this product it to watch it!! I saw a person using it in there lawn and pulled up along side there house and watch it for 2 hours!! (I had some explaining to do when the owner came out and saw me there!!) so I decided to buy one, now if I see some kids coming up the street with lawn mowers, I hurry and get my robomower out and start it before they come so they don't ask to mow my lawn! but I ALWAYS watch my little brother mow the lawn (yes, now I refer to my robomower as my brother!!) but he is SO much fun to watch!! and if your tired of vacuuming, get the Roomba Discovery from iRobot!!(OnRobo)