They are quiet, never talk back and allow me not to sweat as much!


    I have enjoyed the Robomow units since April. They are quiet and never talk back. They also allow me not to sweat as much in June, July, & August when it is 100 and above here in Texas. The new RL 500 is even better because you can change out the battery with an extra one and get over 4 hours of mowing. This is great for me because I have a large yard. I have 419 Tiff Bermuda lawn and the new RL 500 allows me to cut much lower and performs like my Reel Mower, much to my surprise. I live on a golf course and these units cause a lot of curiosity with the Greenskeeper and his workers who mow everyday. They are quite the conversation pieces. I am very happy with them and I highly recommend them to my friends and relatives.