New Products: Robot mows lawn while you nap

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    July 12, 2014

    A Robomow robotic mower provides a tempting solution. Powered by a rechargeable battery,the mower trims your lawn while you nap in the sun.

    How to keep your lawn looking trim

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    When will it be dry enough to cut it and will I have enough time to cut it

    The Telegraph Online

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    "Robomow:Rise of the machines. With 'Malcolm’ the robomowe at his command, life will never be the same for Douglas Robin"

    Hello, I'm your kettle. Fancy a cuppa?

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    They call it the internet of things: washing machines you turn on remotely, lawnmowers controlled by iphones

    The Best Robotic Lawnmowers – tried and tested by the Telegraph

    Robomow' Automowers can make gardening less of a chore, with robotic technology, unique cutting techniques and low maintenance costs.

    30 March 2013

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    Robotic Mowers vs. Walk-Behind Mowers

    Mowing the grass is not a popular chore. It’s dull and time-consuming – even our children don’t enjoy the task, despite the promise of pocket money. Robotic mowers are becoming a popular choice amongst many homeowners who want to have a well-maintained lawn without having to cut the grass themselves.

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    A Grass Allergy Shouldn’t Stop You from Having A Beautifully Maintained Lawn

    Grass allergy is a common affliction which occurs throughout spring and summer. Being allergic to grass is often mistaken for hay fever because the symptoms are very similar. Grass allergy can also occur in a way similar to asthma.

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    The Truth about Grasscycling and Thatch

    To most people, the idea of leaving loose grass clippings on the lawn after mowing means an unsightly garden or, even worse, a garden prone to thatch. However the loose clippings which result from GrassCycling (or mulching) are entirely unrelated to thatch. In fact, a mower optimised for GrassCycling is likely to eliminate any thatch already present.

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    Get Your Garden Ready for the Spring

    Winter is almost over and your lawn can stop struggling with wintry showers – it’s time to get your garden ready for spring. Unless you want to suffer for the rest of the year, it’s really worth investing time into preparing your lawn.

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    Best-Selling Robot Lawnmower


    Best-Selling Robot Lawnmower
    Guiness world-record

    Lawn-care in an age of robots

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    By Shannon Bentley
    Now I can check one thing off my "to do" list. I don't have to worry about mowing the lawn anymore. The Robomower can take care of it for me. 

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