Robotic Mowers vs. Walk-Behind Mowers

    Mowing the grass is not a popular chore. It’s dull and time-consuming – even our children don’t enjoy the task, despite the promise of pocket money. Robotic mowers are becoming a popular choice amongst many homeowners who want to have a well-maintained lawn without having to cut the grass themselves.

    Which is the safest lawnmower to use?

    Domestic accidents are common occurrences in the garden, particularly if people have a walk-behind lawnmower. Being near any lawnmower is dangerous, as you can suffer serious damage if you come into contact with the mower’s blades. The blades can also throw objects they touch, such as stones and branches, which can hit the body or even enter the eye. They also pose severe risks if children are in close proximity to the lawnmower.

    There are no recorded injuries from using a Robomow, not least because there is no need to interact with the mower whilst it is cutting the grass – it mows, you don’t. Specially designed safety features also prevent accidents, as the blades stop immediately when the Robomow is lifted and the Child Guard feature prevents prohibited persons from operating the machine.

    How environmentally friendly are lawnmowers?

    Robomow is optimised for GrassCycling, which leaves the recently trimmed grass clippings on the lawn. This not only adds beneficial nutrients to the soil, but also saves landfill space and energy as there is no need to lug bags of grass cuttings to the dump. As Robomow is battery-powered, there is no emission or damage to the environment. These robotic mowers are also less likely to disturb the neighbours as they are operated for just a few hours each day.

    Walk-behind lawnmowers on the other hand emit a significant amount of pollution, including carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides. Standard lawnmowers also collect nutritious grass clippings which have to be disposed of and these clippings add almost 50% to the volume of domestic waste between March and September.

    Which mower will give me the most beautiful lawn?

    Although the Robomow will not provide the visible cut lanes that many people like, it does provide an even finish and a carpet-like look to your lawn. Your grass will remain looking beautiful because robotic mowers cut more frequently.

    Walk-behind mowers do not give your lawn an even finish as the grass is often cut much shorter to avoid the chore so often. However, the Robomow will provide your garden with a natural and smooth appearance.

    Which lawnmower is more convenient?

    Walk-behind mowers require you to find the time to mow your lawn, which can take several hours if your garden is large. With a Robomow you don’t even have to be at home. Robomow leaves its Base Station at a pre-programmed time of day and mows the lawn by itself. This gives you more time to spend with your family and to enjoy life without worrying about your garden.