Get Your Garden Ready for the Spring

    Winter is almost over and your lawn can stop struggling with wintry showers – it’s time to get your garden ready for spring. Unless you want to suffer for the rest of the year, it’s really worth investing time into preparing your lawn.

    When the temperature starts to rise and there’s more daylight, you’ll have plenty of time to perform spring lawn care routines to ensure your garden is healthy. Your grass will have been struggling throughout the winter months, but once the weather is mild and temperatures reach 5 degrees, the lawn will start to grow.

    Beginning your lawn care routine early in the season will make it easier to maintain throughout the summer months.

    Repair neglected lawns and nourish your garden

    The main problem with neglecting your lawn during winter is the build-up of thatch, so the most important task is to rake your garden. Raking not only removes leaves, but it can also help to clear away dead grass blades which will eventually become thatch.

    It is also important to check your lawn for any bare patches that have been affected by snow mould as new grass may struggle to break through them – raking will help the grass revive.

    As well as using fertilisers, you can nourish your lawn using a mulching mower. A GrassCycling lawnmower scatters grass clippings – containing water and nitrogen – onto your lawn. This not only returns vital nutrients to your soil when the grass cuttings decompose, but can also help to eliminate thatct.

    Invest in a new lawnmower

    After a long winter without being used, many lawnmowers can be temperamental and refuse to start so it’s worth tuning up your existing lawnmower to get it ready for the busy summer months. Perhaps you’re fed up with your old mower, especially if it’s heavy and difficult to push around, but haven’t replaced it because you find mowing a chore and don’t want to spend money on something you don’t enjoy.

    Instead of grumbling about mowing the lawn, it may be worthwhile considering a robotic lawnmower, which cuts the grass for you, leaving you more time to enjoy your garden. Robotic lawnmowers from Robomow also include GrassCycling technology which helps to keep your garden looking healthy all year round without too much effort from you.


    Notes to editors: 

    • Robomow is distributed in the UK by Mower Magic Ltd in Lincoln.
    • Robomow is a leading brand offering a diverse range of robotic lawnmowers, designed to liberate people from the routine chore of mowing the lawn.
    • The Robomow range is manufactured by Friendly Robotics. Founded in 1995, the company has developed and launched a series of robotic lawnmowers, which are distributed across Europe and in the USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Friendly Robotics is committed to the environment and focuses on environmentally friendly products.


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