Latest Launch Set to Transform UK Lawns


    March 2014
    Latest Launch Set to Transform UK Lawns

    Latest Launch Set to Transform UK Lawns

    Whether you’re a green-fingered grower or find gardening the most tiresome of chores, the latest launch from Robomow is set to transform your garden – and the way you spend time in it.

    The market leader in robotic lawnmowers will double its range from March 2014, with the launch of six new premium range models in the UK. Designed to bring the benefits of automatic lawn mowing to gardens of virtually any size and shape, the new machines are smarter, faster and more compact than ever and can tackle lawns from under 200m2 to 3000m2 with ease.

    Their exceptional performance combined with low running costs and easy maintenance has made the robotic lawnmower market one of the fastest growing categories of garden product in Europe. Now the UK is set to embrace the technology used, with machines predicted to take UK lawns by storm.

    Heavy duty, sharp steel blades and super strong motors make short work of even the first cut of the season and give perfect results on virtually any terrain, slope angle or with debris such as twigs and leaves littering the lawn.

    Even better, once the Robomow is installed, you can sit back and relax while it automatically mows your lawn at regular intervals – regardless of your commitments, time constraints, or whether you’re even at home.

    For small lawns (up to 200m2 and 400m2) the Robomow RC302 and RC304 offer a compact and easy to store solution, while the RC306 and RS612 tackle medium sized lawns (up to 600m2 and 1200m2 respectively) with ease. For larger areas the RS622 can mow up to 2200m2 and the RS630 model has a capacity to mow 3000m2.

    Each model features the unique edging mode exclusive to Robomow, which enables the blades to cut beyond the wheel base and trim right over the lawn edge. The powerful mulching system means there is no grass box to empty, as cuttings are shredded into miniscule pieces before being spread at the roots of the lawn, where they return valuable water and nutrients to the soil. This, along with the absence of fuel and low noise levels also makes it particularly environmentally friendly.

    Also new for 2014 is the Robomow App, which allows users to control and interact with their lawnmower via their mobile or tablet device. The most comprehensive app of its type available worldwide, it guides new Robomow owners through initial installation and setup and then provides access to the entire mower’s interface on one convenient screen. Owners can check battery life and length of time since last cut, set or amend a mowing schedule, send the Robomow to mow or even drive it via remote control.

    The Robomow is available from selected dealers nationwide and John Lewis online. RRP starts from £849.00 for the RC302, increasing to £2,499.00 for the RS630.