Measure the size of your lawn from the comfort of your living room!



    Robomow launches Robomap, the first and only online Google Maps based tool to determine the size of your lawn with just a few clicks.


    19 March 2013 – “How big is my lawn?” This is a frequently asked question and a real issue for the house owners. While many house owners know the size of their property, the size of their lawn is often not clear. Knowing the lawn size is necessary in order to purchase the right amounts of lawn treatment products or buy and lay a new grass or seeds. With the new Robomap tool, you will know the size of your lawn instantly! It also matches the most suitable model for those who consider purchasing a robotic mower.


    Based on Google Maps, Robomap is designed to give you maximum details about your garden, enabling you to provide the best care for your grass - all from the comfort of your living room or office.  Just fill in your address, find your house and with 3 easy steps, Robomap will calculate your lawn size, determine its shape, and finally, even recommend the best robotic mower model for your lawn. 

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    About Robomow


    Robomow is a leading brand focusing on development and marketing of robotic lawn mowers. Our products liberate people from the routine chore of mowing the lawn, thus making our life more convenient and freeing our valuable time for more fun activities.  Robomow is committed to three key features - Stronger. Faster. Edging - giving the customer best experience and results.

    Robomow is a brand of Friendly Robotics, founded in 1995. Its roadmap is exclusively dedicated to robotic mowers. Friendly Robotics products are distributed all over Europe, in the US and Canada, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

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