Enjoy Healthier Lawn

    Grasscycling enriches the soil. The valuable nutrients released through grasscycling will make lawns greener and encourage a healthier standard of grass. The decomposition of grass clippings can enhance soil microbial activity and add beneficial organic matter to it. Healthier lawns prevent erosion and could even increase property values.

    Improved Lawn Quality

    Friendly Robotics RoboMower® is a fully automatic mower that has an optimal combination of cutting parameters:

    1) Blade speed of 5,800 RPM 
    2) Drive speed of up to 0.5 m/s. 
    3) Systematic area coverage algorithm; triangles are set in different directions so that every point in the lawn is repeatedly mowed.

    All of the above result in high mowing quality and a beautiful looking lawn.

    When grass clippings are allowed to decay naturally on the lawn, they release valuable nutrients, add water-saving mulch and encourage natural soil aeration by earthworms.