Typical Three Plots Setup Solutions

    Your lawn may require the set up of more than one zone in order for Robomow® to work on the entire lawn effectively. Having two or even three zones does not affect the efficiency of the Robomow® and in many circumstances is more desirable than one large zone. Where grass areas are not contiguous, or are separated by fences or other objects, it is also recommended to make each of these a separate zone.

    The key is to set up zones that will allow Robomow® to operate with the greatest efficiency, even if this means setting up more than one or two of them. You will quickly find that mowing the lawn in these zones is an easy process that will allow you greater flexibility in your mowing habits. The Robomow® gives you the ability to control the operating time for each zone independently. There are several ways to set up these zones, including the placement of the Perimeter Switch - depending on the layout of your lawn. Examples are given in the figures below:

    Figure 1 - All three zones are looped together and connected to the Base Station. Locate the Base Station at the back garden and wire all around all three zones. The beginning and end of the loop are connected to the Base Station which provides the power source for all zones. Robomow® will take care of the dock zone automatically using the weekly program. To mow the front zones, simply steer Robomow® to the desired zone and press the green ON button on your Robomow®. Wires leading to the next plot are parallel and touching. The gap between them is for illustration only.

    Figure 2 - Another option for this very same lawn is to have two separate loops. First, locate the Base Station and wire the back garden as your dock zone.

    The front zones will be operated using a Perimeter Switch. To mow the front yard, drive the mower manually from the Base Station to each of the front zones, press the ON button on the Perimeter Switch and press the GO button on the mower to start the operation. When done, drive Robomow® to the next zone or back to the Base Station.

    You may purchase a Perimeter Switch as an accessory. Mount it on a wall or on its peg, making sure that it is vertical to the ground at all times. Locate the Perimeter Switch at least 5 feet outside the perimeter wire.