Perimeter Islands Setup

    Obstacles such as young trees, sapling aged trees, flowerbeds, flower pots, slanted trees, swing pools and other obstacles that are not rigid and at least 6 inches high (15 cm) must be protected from the Robomow using the perimeter wire.

    Robomow is designed to easily work on the lawn with both types of obstacles, however, for the most gentle and silent operation, it is preferable to define all fixed objects in and around the working area. If you are unsure about a particular obstacle, it is best to exclude it with the perimeter wire. It will have no effect on the efficiency of the mower and can later be removed if not needed.

    To create a perimeter island, take the wire from the perimeter, that is closest to the obstacle, and peg the wire around the obstacle, returning back to the same spot of the perimeter (whilst creating a Perimeter Island – See Figure 1).

    There are two ways to properly set up the perimeter wire to exclude an obstacle; 1) place the wire going to the obstacle from the perimeter, and the wire going from the obstacle to the perimeter adjacent to one another; and 2) follow the direction of set up as shown in Figure 1 when going to the interior of the lawn to exclude an obstacle. Whilst the picture in Figure 1 may appear to have the wires leading to and from the island set up with a space between them, this is for illustration purposes only. Proper placement of these two wires is having them touch one another, but in no event should they be further than 1/8 of an inch (3 mm) apart from one another. For the best results, place both wires under the same peg when placing them on the lawn around obstacles. Placement of the wires as described allows for the signal in the two wires to cancel, but only in the area where they are installed adjacent to one another and touching. By cancelling the signal in this section, Robomow® is free to cross this area but will still recognise the signal of the perimeter island.

    Figure 1 – Setup of a Perimeter Island around an obstacle

    If there are two or more obstacles that need to be protected by the wire, it is required to leave the first perimeter island at the closest point to the second obstacle, peg the wire around the second obstacle, returning back to the same spot at the first perimeter island and continue the loop around the first obstacle as shown in Figure 2 below:

    Figure 2 – Setup of Perimeter Islands in a row


    If the wires cross each other whilst leading to the perimeter island (Figure 3), Robomow ® might: 1) Cross the Perimeter Island inside the island or 2) Stop and change direction before reaching the wire.

    Figure 3 – Wrong setup of Perimeter Island