Why Traditional Way of Mowing the Lawn Is Bad for You

    Mowing the lawn is seen by many as a mundane task that is often avoided until the garden has become a wilderness. Not only that – new research has shown that cutting the grass could actually be damaging to your health.

    Each year – particularly in the summer mowing season – thousands of people are injured by lawnmowers, including electric mowers, tractor mowers and manual mowers. Don’t be next – follow our advice and learn how to have a beautiful lawn without hurting yourself.

    The dangers involved in cutting the grass

    If you mow your lawn with a petrol-driven lawnmower, you could be exposing yourself to large amounts of cancer-causing chemicals. In one hour these mowers generate the same level of carcinogens as a car engine does on a 160-kilometre journey, also producing carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, methane, hydrocarbons and smoke particles.

    When you cut the grass, you are in close proximity to the fumes emitted by these mowers and are breathing in dangerous gases which are known to be carcinogenic.

    Ride-on mowers are also extremely dangerous as hands and feet can get caught in the blades whilst sitting, leading to extreme injury. There have also been several instances of people falling off their mowers, resulting in severe bruises and sprains.

    Using manual lawnmowers cuts the risk of toxic chemicals and falls, but can cause other problems. Pushing a lawnmower can add strain to your back as you lean forward, adding five kilograms of weight to your lower back.

    Even electric mowers are not without their risks. Common injuries include electric shocks and trips and accidents relating to the trailing cables of an electric mower or extension lead.

    How to combat the dangers of mowing the lawn

    There are several ways to maintain your garden without the risk of injury:

    • Stretch before cutting the grass and try to maintain good posture whilst mowing the lawn.
    • Never pull your lawnmower – only push it.
    • Check your lawnmower regularly and think about having it serviced in the spring.
    • Turn off the engine when moving the mower or when leaving it unattended.
    • Cut the grass more regularly to prevent grass build-up under the mower and to reduce the risk of hidden stones or sticks.
    • Consider getting a robotic mower. Robotic lawnmowers cut the grass for you, eliminating the risk of injury as you are nowhere near the mower whilst it is working. Using a robotic mower also allows you to spend your time how you want to, without having to mow the lawn.