Very own “Lawnmower Man” with his Robomow machines

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    Very own “Lawnmower Man” with his Robomow machines
    By Olive Ryan

    “They really are an excellent piece of machinery and I believe are the way of the future..." 

    Like a seine from “Doctor Who” the Robomow comes trundling across the lawn., adjusting its position along the way to move around obstacles and carefully trim the grass.

    The futurities looking machine is hard at work in the garden of his owner Mick Kenny. Owner of the company Max Leeisure Ltd, Little Road, Dormiskin.
    Who are the sole distributors in Ireland for the ingenious robotic lawnmower.
    When Mick retired as owner of an electrical wholesalers the last thing he expected was to launch another new business, which is exactly what happened after he went in search of a new lawnmower!
    “Basically I had moved to a new house in Dormiskin and was looking for a lawnmower. I priced around and then decided I would go on the internet to see what was available. I came across a website for these new robotics lawnmowers, and
    I thought it looked pretty interesting. I contacted them and got one for my own garden, and was just delighted with it”.
    In fact, when Mick first purchased the Robomow he was so fascinated by it that he recalls “coming out to sot and simply watch it at work!”
    Shortly, thereafter he decided to take on a license to become the sole distributor for the robotic lawnmowers in Ireland, and has seen demand for the product. Steadily increase. With the tagline “It mows, You don’t” the Friendly Robotics machine has huge amount to it’s advantage over traditional lawnmowers and would certainly be welcome addition to any busy household.

    “Its an incredible machine because once you set it up within the parameters of your own garden it will gather memory of your garden and will cut around things that are positioned on the lawn, including rotary line poles, flowerbeds, decking, etc,” said Mick.
    For years Mick recalls that he suffered after cutting the grass with a traditional lawnmower because he is asthmatic. With the robotic mower, it is so clean, and because it works on electricity and a rechargeable battery, there is no petrol, no oil, and no dust, so its ideal for anyone like with breathing, problems.”
    The robotic mower is also a whole lot kinder to your lawn that traditional mowers as it mulches the grass when it is cut, and feeds valuable nutrients back into the grass
    “It is extremely safe as well, as its unique sensors identify trees, rocks and obstacles, and its includes a mower lift detection which means that it stops completely as soon as it is lifted, and it also includes a child lock”.

    Mick adds that the machine “completely takes away any worry about the lawn as it can even be set to cut when you are away on holidays, and will return automatically to its charging station”.

    The mower’s unique on board computer system means that it also has a “rain sensor” so that it will not start to cut if the grass is too wet. “But the sensor works so that if it stops raining for a period, it will then get started on the job for, even if it is in the middle of the night!”

    He points out that security for the robotic mowers is operated through a pin system which makes it unusable if stolen, something that certainly gives its owners peace of mind.

    The Robomow is more suitable for smaller gardens, and can cut up to half an acre. The “Big Mow” and “Parc Mow” however are both designed for much larger jobs, any thing up to five acres, and are ideal for public parks, football pitched and golf courses.” “They really are an excellent piece of machinery and I believe are the way of the future. They are already hugely popular in America, where Bill Gates has stated that in five years time, every household will have a robotic mower in their back garden.” Who would have thought that Dromiskin would have been the scene of such futuristic technology?!