Robot handles housework

    17 Sep 2014

    Robot handles housework Mows the lawn while you nap

    How to keep your lawn looking trim

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    When will it be dry enough to cut it and will I have enough time to cut it

    The Telegraph Online

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    "Robomow:Rise of the machines. With 'Malcolm’ the robomowe at his command, life will never be the same for Douglas Robin"

    Hello, I'm your kettle. Fancy a cuppa?

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    They call it the internet of things: washing machines you turn on remotely, lawnmowers controlled by iphones

    Robomow RS630 review –The Best Robot Lawn Mower of 2014

    Your smartphone will now mow your lawn

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    The Robomow app and the new range is included in a gardening equipment piece

    Robomow – Voted No. 1 for Large Gardens

    We are delighted to announce the success of Robomow RS630 being voted No. 1 for Large Gardens by a recent Telegraph review.   The Head Gardener at Montacute House, a fabulous National Trust property in Somerset, was so impressed he has requested the robot-helper stay at Montacute for the summer grass growing season.   The mammoth task of keeping their beautiful lawns under control will now be that much easier, thanks to Robomow.  Visitors to Monacute can see Robomow RS630 operating daily for the rest of the season.

    30 March 2013

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    Measure the size of your lawn from the comfort of your living room!

    Measure the size of your lawn from the comfort of your living room 

    Robomow launches Robomap, the first and only online Google Maps based tool to determine the size of your lawn with just a few clicks.