The Goppelt family

    This robot is probably the most exciting thing that has happened on our street for a while!


    My family lives on a small family farm in Louisiana and have generally mowed our good-sized lawn with a riding lawnmower. But recently the riding lawnmower has had many problems which, it appeared, would cost a large sum of money to repair. We have known about the Robomower for several years, but did not get one because our riding lawnmower was doing the job fine. But in March of 2006, with the emergence of our riding mower’s problems, I began doing some research about buying a mower from Friendly Robotics. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the power costs were very low compared to today’s expensive prices to fill up a gas mower. The mower would be able to mow a significant portion of the lawn, reducing the amount of time it takes to mow in the summer. After much discussion and thought, Dad and I decided to give it a try. There were three reasons that we purchased the mower: it would be a wonderful educational project for the family, it would cost much less to power, and it would save precious time. I paid a percentage of the cost and promised to do the setup work. We bought our Robomower from RoboDirect, Inc. In retrospect, I am very glad we did this. The friendly folks there gave us free support, which we utilized several times, and even helped us get some free used stakes and wire. Two of the three zones we plan to have is finished, with the other well on track. I know I will appreciate the extra free time to do things that I have not had time to do (we all have those things). Besides that, this robot is probably the most exciting thing that has happened on our street for a while!

        Philip Goppelt, 15 years Old, for the whole Goppelt family