Save Money and Help the Environment

    Save Money

    Fertilization - Reduces the amount of lawn fertilizer needed because the clippings provide about 1/4 of a lawn's annual needs. Free-falling clippings are free food for your lawn. Grass clippings act as a natural fertilizer. When clippings decompose, they release their nutrients back to the lawn. They contain nitrogen (can provide, as much as one-third of a lawn's total nitrogen needs), potassium and phosphorus, as well as lesser amounts of other essential plant nutrients. Since nutrients are returned to the soil, you don't need to purchase fertilizer as often.

    Water - Reduces the amount of water needed by lawns since the clippings are about 80 - 85% water. Grasscycling slows evaporation losses from the soil surface, and conserves water. Most lawns need less water when Grasscycling. 

    Taxes - Grasscycling means there’s no need to spend money taxes on land filling grass. The cost of trucking grass clippings to landfill sites comes out of residents’ taxes. This is a wasteful practice – all those nutrient-rich clippings could be fertilizing people’s lawns, thereby saving money on fertilizers and water bills. And taxes could be spent on services and programs rather than on the labor, trucks, fuel and precious landfill space used in grass disposal.

    Help the Environment

    Grasscycling with Friendly Robotics RoboMower® is a simple, easy opportunity for every homeowner to do something good for the environment.

    Save landfill space - Grasscycling is a responsible environmental practice and an opportunity for all homeowners to reduce their waste and to save landfill space. Grass clippings add 20% to 50% to the volume of residential waste between the months of March and September.

    Save energy resources - Using Friendly Robotics RoboMower® you help save energy resources by eliminating the need to haul grass clippings to distant disposal sites. Grasscycling enhances lawn tolerance to drought, slows evaporation losses from the soil surface, and conserves water. Reducing fertilizer and water usage means less runoff from your lawn that can lead to surface and groundwater pollution.

    Save air - Most of us don't think of garden equipment as causing much air pollution, but the small engines found in lawn mowers are actually a significant source of smog. Garden equipment engines emit high levels of carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds and nitrogen oxides, producing up to 5% of the nation's air pollution. A conventional lawn mower pollutes as much in an hour as 40 late model cars.

    Reduce noise level – Friendly Robotics RoboMower® noise level is significantly lower than a conventional lawn mower, thing that enables to operate it in any hour you want without disturbing the neighbors. 

    So what's the solution? Friendly Robotics RoboMower® is battery-driven that can run for three hours between charges. It easy to start and require no gas, oil, tune-ups or spark plugs, making them a bargain to maintain and there is no emission.

    No Emission