There is no question that lawns play a central and emotional role in the world landscape. It provides a welcome, green space for children, backyard barbecues, and other outdoor activities, in addition to their aesthetic value. After all billions of dollars pampering the patches of turf around our homes, in addition to a disproportionate share of our personal time and energy.

    Lawns also contribute significant environmental benefits: preventing erosion, nutrient runoff, filtering air, and providing natural “air conditioning” during the summer.

    If your back is already aching and your wallet feels lighter – you might want to consider joining the Grasscycling revolution with Friendly Robotics RoboMower®!

    Grasscycling is a proven system for maintaining lawns, which actually allows them to maintain themselves, saving you a lot of effort. It has saved people dozens hours of labor, hundreds of dollars in lawn care expenses and tax payments every year, while also protecting our shared environment.

    Grasscycling is the easy way to a healthy lawn and a great way to recycle valuable nutrients for free.  It combines a mowing plan that calls for cutting turf areas with greater frequency without removing the clippings, and low-input watering and feeding.