How do I know which model suits my needs?

    If you know your lawn size, go to the Category Page and choose the model that meets your needs. If you do not know your lawn size, use the Robomap Tool to find out.

    Can I use the Robomow mobile app with my Robomow?

    Go to the Robomow Application Page to check compatibility.

    What sets Robomow apart from other robotic mowers?

    Robomow is stronger than most other robotic mowers*
    Equipped with heavy-duty steel blades and a robust design, Robomow can handle any terrain.
    Robomow is faster than most other robotic mowers* Depending on model, with a 28 or 56 inch cutting width, Robomow gets the job done faster than its competitors.
    Robomow edging takes care of the entire lawn: The only robotic mower that cuts the edge of the lawn, Robomow's unique 'Edge Mode' allows the blade to go past the wheel while driving on the edge for an all-round finish you won't find with any other robotic mower.
    *Designed for similar sized lawns

    Is the Robomow noisy?

    Robomow's noise level depends on the model.
    Robomow RC/TC/MC – 68dB measured.
    Robomow RS/TS/MS – 74dB measured.