The RL555 is recommended for lawns of up to 600m2.

    Robomow® RL555 is an automatic lawnmower that cuts the grass all by itself. All you have to do is drive it to the lawn and press the GO button. Robomow® will precisely cut the grass for you, creating the best looking lawn in your neighborhood!

    • 53cm Heavy-Duty 3-blades mulching system
    • Exclusive drop-and-go 24-volt batteries
    • User controlled theft protection and disabling system
    • Manual controller for convenient transport of the mower from the garage to the lawn and between plots, as well as mowing very narrow areas manually.
    Technical specifications:
    • Weight: 23.7kg + 13.2kg (batteries)
    • Dimensions: 89cm x 66.5cm x 31.5cm
    • Color: Yellow
    • Mowing Height: 20-57mm, easy to set
    • Smooth wheels: recommended for lawns with low cutting height and smooth surface
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