About Robomow® - Leading Robotic Lawnmower Provider

    About Us

    All Robomow® products are developed and manufactured by a privately owned company called Friendly Robotics, founded in 1995 by 2 partners Mr. Udi Peless and Mr. Shai Abramson. The company has developed and industrialized several models of robotic lawn mowers as well as other robotic home appliances such as robotic vacuum cleaners. Robomow® is the best known product line today, comprising several models of robotic mowers offering a cost effective solution for almost any domestic garden.
    Robomow® products are distributed in most markets including Europe, USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.


    During the course of the last 50 years, mankind has automated many of the routine chores at home. These days, washing machines, dishwashers and dryers are found in almost every home in the western world. The next step in this natural evolution is to automate tasks that require motion in the space of the home or the garden, such as cleaning and mowing. A new category of robotics appliances is being developed in order to do this, appliances that are able to move, in order to perform their tasks and avoid objects, pets and people that may enter their pathway. This emerging new category of appliances is called Home Robotics and it is expected that in the years to come, these machines will become as common in our homes as washing machines are today.

    Robomow® focuses on making and selling this exciting new generation of home appliances. Our products liberate people from routine chores such as cleaning the home and mowing the lawn, thus making our life more convenient and freeing our valuable time for more enjoyable activities.


    Robomow®is a private company. The majority of its shares are held by the founders of the company.

    Green Products

    Robomow® is as green as the grass it mows.

    From saving energy to the way it cuts the grass, Robomow is making as less impact on the environment as possible.

    With new ingenious technology and innovative grasscycling techniques, the fully automatic lawnmowers are much easier to use, waste less energy, emit less air pollution and create less impact on the world around us.

    While mowing your lawn, Robomow cuts the grass into very fine cuttings and disperses them over the ground. These clippings decompose quickly and release beneficial organic nutrients and water into the soil. This results in a healthier and better-looking lawn and eliminates the need to collect and remove the clippings.

    Find the Robomow lawnmower that best suits you and your lawn, browse through our individual models: RL2000, RM510, RL855, RL555, RM200, City 120, City 110.