Daniel C. Slagle

    I love to mow when I am not home.


    I bought a new house and saw that everyone else in the neighborhood had a riding lawnmower. Having a small yard with not much to mow, in the past, I was not looking forward to spending at least 2 hours a week sitting on my [back] driving around in circles. I started looking for "high speed" riding movers but the cost was astronomical. Things that impressed me: There are no "clumps" of grass even when it was mowing during the rain storm. It mows in the rain. :-) It even pulled itself out of a little mud puddle that had formed once it realized it had no more traction in that direction. The speed at which the blades come to a complete stop (< 1 second) if it runs into something while you are manually mowing or you pick up the front. Negative comments: If you like pretty "lines" in your lawn, this mower is not for you. All your friends and neighbors will ask you questions and/or make fun of you. I suggest you tell them what I tell them, "You do not manually wash your clothes. You probably do not hand wash all of your dishes. Why would you WANT to mow your lawn?" (Amazon)